Upholstery products

Furniture upholstering activities

Furniture and upholstery business includes polyurethane foam for upholstered furniture for apartments, motorhomes, caravans, mobile dwelling units and smaller vessels.

Thus, we use the following pu-foams:

  • PN- standard quality
  • PT-foam with increased hardness
  • PE- foam with increased elasticity
  • VE55- Visco memory foam (Memory)
  • HR- highly elastic foam
  • CM- Foam with high fire resistance
  • CMHR- Highly elastic foam with high fire resistance

All the foams are cut into panels, molded, glued and combined into the product at the customer’s request. The product can be made by pattern, by design – sketch or template. All foams for seats and beds can also be made with bonels (springs – iron cores).

Backrests can be made in many combinations of different materials (foam, cotton, feathers). Product dimensions and shapes can be chosen at will.

For a known customer, we can make upholstery-ready seating furniture (“upholstered in white”).