Soft polyurethane foams

We are a company in the heart of Europe. Our main business is the processing of soft polyurethane foam.

With many years of experience in cutting and designing different formats of polyurethane foam, we have achieved a high level of supply of such semi-finished products.

Cutting and forming of polyurethane foam

Our main business is cutting and forming of polyurethane foam for the upholstery and automotive, footwear and packaging industries. We also make household sponges on a smaller scale.

Memo foam

Foam plates

Upholstery foam

Motorhome foam

Foam for beds

Foam for packaging

Since 1990

PUR-PLA-TEX, d.o.o. was founded in 1990 with only one employee. Over the years, the company has expanded and today we have 25 employees.

With modern machines, knowledge and experience we have achieved the ability to produce even the most demanding products made of polyurethane foam.

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